Buying a house in the Netherlands

Are you an expat and interested in buying a house in the Netherlands? Make sure you have explored your mortgage options and investigated which of them suits your needs. An independent adviser can help to get you the best fitting solution!

How to apply for a Dutch mortgage?

The first step is to explore the various mortgage options you have and to choose your mortgage provider. Our fully qualified advisor will manage the entire process for you, from identifying the best mortgage product that meets your personal needs to applying for a quote. Have you made an offer on a property and has the offer been accepted by the vendor? Then it is time to formally arrange the mortgage.

Who can apply for a Dutch mortgage?

There are no formal restrictions for non-Dutch citizens buying Dutch property or applying for a Dutch mortgage. However, there are certain situations in which the mortgage provider may want to investigate your personal circumstances to predict if they will be at risk. Such as:

  • If you are relatively new to a job
  • You are relatively new to an area
  • If you are self-employed
  • If you have a low income
  • If you have a non-EU nationality

This is much like anywhere else, particularly following the global financial crisis.
Each bank has different requirements but as a rule, if you’re from the EU, they will probably expect you to have:

  • A valid passport
  • Have lived in the Netherlands for at least six months
  • Have a citizen service number (BSN) and
  • Have permanent employment in the Netherlands.

What kind of mortgage can I get?

To benefit from taxes, you need to start paying off the loan immediately. Therefore only two main mortgage types are to be considered:

  • Linear mortgage (lineaire hypotheek) The borrower repays a fixed sum each month, which covers the interest and a slice of the capital. Repayments are fixed over the entire period.
  • Annuity or repayment mortgages (annuïteitenhypotheek) The borrower repays a fixed amount of the capital each month, plus a fluctuating amount of interest. Repayments will go down over the loan period.

Nortgages that are interest-only do not offer any tax benefits and are therefore more expensive.

What can Hypotheken Rotterdam do for you?

Hypotheken Rotterdam offers personal and independent advice on mortgages. We can help you finding a mortgage that has affordable monthly payments, and at the same time favorable terms and conditions. Because the Hypotheken Rotterdam is completely independent, we can compare mortgages from practically all providers and help you find a solution that fits your needs and plans for the future.


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